Yerkes vs The University of Chicago

We just want to clear up a bit of confusion – to the best of our knowledge…

We love Yerkes Observatory and could not be happier that it has been rescued by YFF!  We trust the Foundation will be excellent stewards of the Yerkes Observatory and look forward to this landmark being part of our community forever!

The University of Chicago donated the building and 49-acre campus to YFF in May, 2020.  The original 53 acres was donated to the University of Chicago by Mr. John Johnston, Jr..  The building itself was funded by Mr. Yerke, who stipulated in his will that it return to his heirs should it cease to be used in an educational capacity.

The woods we are trying to study and save is owned by the University of Chicago and is not connected to Yerkes Observatory and it’s campus.   In the past, Yerkes Observatory (through U of C) did control this land, but no more.  We want to make sure that folks understand that the two properties are separate. 

Yerkes Observatory and it’s 49-acre campus is now owned by the private Yerkes Future Foundation and it is not in jeopardy or part of our efforts!