Direct Legislation Ordinance and Petition

Thank you to everyone who took an interest and the time to sign our petition.  We were told that the Village Board would not pay attention to our informal position.  So, we now have a formal, legal petition.  We would like you to sign it and there is no time to waste.  The village is planning to make a decision regarding the amendment to our comprehensive plan to allow the rezoning of the University of Chicago’s 8.7 acres of virgin forest and lakefront property for residential development very soon.  Act now to help preserve Williams Bay value and identity as a nature centered community.


The University of Chicago’s request to rezone the lakefront and woodland property requires an Amendment to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan.  It has not been approved at this time and cannot be approved until the public has had adequate opportunity to understand the complexities of the proposed development, the cost to the public, and the cost to our environment and economy.  According to the Wisconsin State Attorney General, a public hearing of this complexity cannot justly occur through the Zoom platform.

The Direct Legislation petition asks for a one-year moratorium on development of the University of Chicago’s woodland and lakefront property.  This will give us time to enter into a Public Discovery Phase, conduct an Environmental and Economic Impact Study and to hold a series of Public Hearings. We hope that the information we gather will become part of the 2021 Comprehensive Plan.  Because the proposed development represents a significant and costly change, it is important that the public is involved in the process.  Only Williams Bay residents can sign the petition, and they must be eligible to vote.

To sign the petition, please fill in the form below and someone will contact you.

We require less than 200 signatures for the petition to be legally valid. Once we have the signatures, the Ordinance and Petition will be filed with the court. The Village trustees will have 30 days to decide to accept or reject the proposal. If they reject it, it goes to public ballot in April.

The Williams Bay Association for Land Preservation advocates for the preservation of undeveloped, and environmentally and historically significant land for our community’s health and heritage.

Thank you for your support.

It takes a Village…