Letters to the Village

It is important that your voice be heard. It does not need to be long or complicated. You can simply say that you want the woods to be preserved and protected. You may also use the letter below. The important thing is that they hear from you!

Submit your letters to the Village via email at admin@williamsbay.org.

For all submitted comments, it is customary to give your name and address.  

Dear Village President, Trustees and Administrator,

We are writing to voice our objection to the rezoning of the Observatory lakeshore property from institutional to residential or commercial. The reason for our objection is due to the unique environmental and historical nature of the land which not only represents the heritage and character of our community but the lake itself which many residents and visitors use as economic support.

The land basically remains the same as when first occupied by Native Americans.  Our European forefathers and their present generations still use the paths to traverse between friends, neighbors, communities. The trees within represent a significant old growth forest and is situated in the heart of a primary wildlife corridor.  The forest is also important to ensure the health of the lake as clear cutting and development along the lake shore compromises lake quality.

I understand the land is presently tax exempt and if rezoned residential or commercial the land would produce revenues for the Village.  The end result, however, once the land and shoreline are compromised, so too is much of the community’s and area’s economic driver and support.

Therefore, we are asking the Village President, Board and Administrator to: (1) conduct listening sessions prior to any zoning change public hearing to address these issues and concerns, (2) to vote against rezoning the land from institutional to residential and/or commercial, and (3) in the future and when applicable amend the Village’s comprehensive plan indicating the land is zone as conservation.

Very truly yours,