About us

All things are connected.

We love nature and wildlife.  We respect nature and wildlife.  We believe that human beings are healed and nurtured by nature; that we have a strong desire to commune with nature.  We believe that our identity and value as a community can be found in our open lands.  We want to protect and preserve the precious forested land that remains – for our community, for our health and for our heritage.

The Amendment of our Comprehensive Plan allowing a rezone of the 8.7 acres wood and lakefront property from Public/Institutional to Private/Residential has not been approved by the Village Board.  Before it can be voted on there must be a public hearing.  A public hearing cannot occur until the threat of COVID is over.  We request a series of public meetings to address alternative options for this land.

We believe there are better options for this land to be explored and that it is not the will, nor in the best interest of the residents of Williams Bay to lose this land to private development. 

Please join us in our efforts now.

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