STOWL has formed a new organization:  Williams Bay Association for Land Preservation.  WBALP advocates for the preservation of undeveloped, and environmentally and historically significant land for our community’s health and heritage.

We fear that the entire woodland surrounding the Observatory campus, including Frost Wood and the golf course will be subject to rezoning for private development, forever changing the land-scape of west Williams Bay.

We seek transparency in our local government and ask to be part of the conversation.  We don’t believe that plans made between a few behind closed doors is in the best interest of our community especially when dealing with an expensive and complicated project that has the potential to change the landscape of Williams Bay.  The residents of Williams Bay want a seat at the table.  We want to be sure that our elected officials are working on our behalf.

The direct legislation petition asks only for a one year moratorium for public discovery.  It is not an unreasonable request, especially now, during COVID, when we can’t get together to talk about what is best for the Bay.  Most importantly, we don’t want to end up in a situation 10, 20 years down the road and ask what happened to all the land?  Why didn’t anybody try to do anything about it?